Do Your Research

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Taking some time to do research will go a long way to help you craft your content brand strategy. Look at other blogs in your niche and analyze what they are doing (and more importantly, what they aren’t doing). Browse through Social Media to see what your audience is talking about. Join relevant Facebook groups and see what discussions are happening. The key things to analyze while doing these activities are: What are people in your audience talking about? What are other content creators talking about? What are people struggling with? What’s missing? I like to call this first kind of research External Research. The other kind of research is Internal Research. This is where you go into your Google Analytics to determine what blog content is performing well. This…
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Top 5 Ways to Kick-Start Great On-the-Job Sales Training

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Is there a more critical function in most companies than enabling sales professionals to excel their jobs? After all, a high-performing sales force is the lifeblood of most organizations including non-profits. Most  businesses realize this already — but many often allocate sales training resources in the wrong areas. According to Bersin & Associates, 73% of companies believe  their most valuable learning approaches are informal, yet only 30% of resources are focused there. Try this number on for size: On average, large organizations spend close to $1,000,000 per year on sales training. This is a staggering figure considering that studies show 70% of what sales people learn about how to do their jobs, they learn from informal approaches. So why then are we spending so much time and effort designing and delivering formal training…
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Training Content for Training and Business Leaders

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If you are in a leadership position and determine that training is required, then you have a need for content. But your version of content comes in the form of courses. Your conversations will often include questions like, "can we buy the content we need for training?" But that's not the same content that your designers need. In your case, content means courses. Today, you can buy most of the courses you need. In fact, a one-person training team can easily launch an LMS loaded with content faster than ever before. You, as the training manager, have a significant number of options for loading your new cloud-based LMS with content. And now we're talking about course content, not media content. Bundled Course Content Packages Generic off-the-shelf courses will often be…
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