Why you may need a Digital Channel Strategy?

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why you may need a digital channel strategy? 1 You're directionless I find that companies without a digital strategy (and many that do) don't have clear strategic goals for what they want to achieve online in terms of gaining new customers or building deeper relationships with existing ones. And if you don't have goals you likely don't put enough resources to reach the goals and you don't evaluate through analytics whether you're achieving those goals. 2  You won't know your online market share Customer demand for online services may be underestimated if you haven"t researched this.  Perhaps more importantly you won't understand your online marketplace: the dynamics will be different to traditional channels with different types of customer profile and behaviour, competitors, propositions and options for marketing communications. See online…
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Key Principles of Learning

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There are a vast range of theories that attempt to explain and demonstrate the way that people learn. Such theories can often contrast with each other depending on the type of learning they describe, for example traditional learning theories associated with children and adolescents engaged in ‘schooling’ may differ from theories associated with adult learning. The following list is generic and identifies the key principles associated with all types of learning and can be applied to group situations as well as when learning alone or with a mentor, tutor or trainer. This list is not exhaustive but it should, however, help you to understand some of the key concepts of learning. People learn best when they are treated with respect and are not talked down to or treated as ignorant. …
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