Training Content for Instructional Designers and Developers

Online Training
If you are a business leader, or training manager, requesting training be produced, or scheduled for a particular topic, the ID will often ask, "is there any existing content?" And as a training manager or business leader your response may be, "No. There currently aren't any courses on the topic. That's why we need you to create them." This is where the semantics of the training industry can cause problems. When an ID asks for existing content they are asking for any media that currently exists on the topic. The content can be anything like books on the subject, current product specification documents, recent powerpoint files, photographs, articles, and the information trapped inside the head of the subject matter expert. And yes, it can also mean existing or older courses that…
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Training Content for Training and Business Leaders

Training News
If you are in a leadership position and determine that training is required, then you have a need for content. But your version of content comes in the form of courses. Your conversations will often include questions like, "can we buy the content we need for training?" But that's not the same content that your designers need. In your case, content means courses. Today, you can buy most of the courses you need. In fact, a one-person training team can easily launch an LMS loaded with content faster than ever before. You, as the training manager, have a significant number of options for loading your new cloud-based LMS with content. And now we're talking about course content, not media content. Bundled Course Content Packages Generic off-the-shelf courses will often be…
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