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Print Advertising

When it comes to print media advertising, circulation is everything. The more circulated a printed publication is, the more readers the included advertisements receive. The downside of print advertising is that even when placed in well-read publications, the ad may simply not apply to many of the readers. To counteract the sometimes lackluster readership response to a print advertisement, a company should post the ad in a topically relevant magazine. For example, an ad about a new novel would be better placed in a short fiction magazine with a similar genre, rather than the local newspaper. Offering a coupon or special discount code on retail products or services in the ad can help a company determine its effectiveness in generating new sales.

Tips for Using Print Ads

Even in this highly technologically focused era, print ads still have their place as effective tools to generate buzz surrounding a product or service, and even generate sales. In many cases, when a member of the community wants to find out about upcoming local entertainment events, he looks to the local newspaper because of its locally limited circulation, making it a great place to advertise a for-profit event. Print ads are also particularly effective when advertising for vacant positions in labor and skilled trades because virtually anyone can afford a newspaper, even the unemployed, whereas computers and therefore digital ads require a certain level of affluence to even access. Companies trying to make a large impact on a niche market with print advertising should consider taking out a lavish full-page color advertisement in the publication of their choice, since smaller advertisements are more easily ignored by readers in a hurry.

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