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Digital Advertising

One major advantage of digital advertising is that it is a variable cost form of advertising, meaning that an ad campaign is more easily scalable to a specific fixed budget amount compared to the flat fees associated with running an ad in print. Perhaps the most important advantage to digital advertisement is that the digital ad can be interactive. That interactivity can take the form of a simple video clip, a brief flash game or even scale all the way up to an interactive video game sponsored by and highlighting the advertiser, depending upon budget constraints. Interactive ads of any source provide a more memorable experience for the ad’s viewers than simpler printed advertisements.

When to Use Digital Ads

Companies on a budget can carefully focus on a very select digital ads target demographic in order to maximize their ad campaigns’ impact per dollar. Simply put, a digital ad has the potential to offer an advertiser greater control over who sees it, which means less money wasted on people who have no interest in the general subject of the ad. Digital advertising is also particularly helpful for generating useful marketing information, since most proprietary systems of digital advertising – such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads – offer additional information regarding user trends and successful referrals. The advanced level of customization and the added information generated by digital ads mean that when money is in short supply, digital ads are the best solution to most retail and remote service-based business needs.

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