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Flying solo can be lonely and scary at times. But you are not alone. The internet has given us the ability, via social media, to connect with hundreds, and even thousands, of like minded professionals. You will likely need the support of others outside of your organization. Others have already experienced what you are going through and they can help you be successful.  For example, Lisa Goldstein is part of my PLN. She is a Senior Learning Consultant and has experienced “flying solo” in her career, as well as speaking extensively on the subject. On very short notice, she offered me some excellent points similar to the ones I’ve made above:

“#1 was seriously PLN.  I had to know everything about everything to run everything from design to deployment.  A lot for one person’s brain.

#2 was give parts of your job away as gifts. That means, find people you can assign busy work to if you are “only one human”.

#3 Automate.  As much as possible.”

Lisa was also kind enough to agree to an interview. We will go much deeper into how she not only survived, but thrived as a training team of one.  Although I’m not sure she’d say, “That was AWESOME!” But I know it was quite a learning experience for her. Keep an eye out for that interview coming soon.

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